7 Days 7 Easy DIY beanie embellishments

Introduction to my hat transformation series

This is how I came up with this 7 Days 7 Easy DIY beanie embellishments challenge. Last month as I sadly packed away our summer and fall jackets from our entrance closet in exchange of our winter coats and other accessories, I came to realize that I  always end up wearing the same two dark coloured hats all winter long.

I concluded that this habit of mine was surely adding boredom to wintertime and decided to purchase colourful chapeau’s for those chilling months ahead. I also had another complication to solve; I have in my closet many winter scarves among other accessories that were not often worn.

My challenge is to keep every transformation simple and easy to execute, with minimal time but for playful attractive results.

Note: For all my 7 Days 7 Easy DIY beanie embellishments I worked with this vintage glass head form purchased at a garage sale that is commonly used to store or display hats….

7 Days 7 Easy DIY beanie embellishments

The glass surface made it easy to pin and place adornments onto the hats and the head circumference is almost identical to mine. My head circumference is 4/8 of an inch (1.27 cm) smaller than the glass head form. For reference a female’s average head circumference is 22.5 inches (57.15 cm).

Please view the next 7 posts to see how I effortlessly transformed 7 different beanies each project requiring as few as 30 minutes to a maximum of 2.5 hours. I hope that some of these straightforward changeovers will inspire you to transform your own beanies!

Note: I would like to mention that the background images for the Before and After easy beanie DIY embellishments series are from pexels.com.

Tomorrow’s post; DIY veiled beanie sequins faux-fur pom pom

Happy winter!

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