Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

Before and after using a fabric pill remover

It is common for most fabrics to pill to some extent; even the finest materials are prone to have some surface pilling. It is often caused when two fabrics rub against each other causing the loose, short or broken fibers on the surface to become tangled together forming little balls. Some fibers are more pill-prone than others, but as a general rule shorter fibers have a higher tendency to pill and we can say that the longer a fiber is the less pilling will result.

In my humble opinion, pilling on clothes compromises appearance and makes the garment look worn. The other day I had a bad case of surface pilling on a brand new garment that I had purchased. My solution was to purchase a Fabric Lint Shaver… and did it perform?

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Jean shorts patched with fabric and basic stitches

An elegant way to mend jeans

I made these unique decorative patches with minimal material and in a very short time. This cross stitched pattern is a basic running stitch where we simply carry the thread at the back of our work to move to the next section. This fun and easy project is ideal for beginners.

Keep on reading to learn how to do this cross stitch and to see the final result!

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Embellished pearl sweater

I needed to have a project to work on while we were spending the weekend at our in-law’s in Toronto. I searched through my clothes and though that this sweater could be improved with some pearls detailing.

It will be a quick project to complete, with a rewarding result.

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