Bead your jean jacket DIY

How to cut out shapes in fabric

Bead your jean jacket DIY
Bead your jean jacket DIY

I created the artwork featured on this Bead Your Jean Jacket DIY about 20 years ago. It was time well invested (around 40 hours) since two decades later the jean jacket transcended trends and is still getting me many compliments for my art work when I wear it. This DIY jean jacket is an easy to follow step by step tutorial on How to make a stencil from an image, How to cut out shapes in fabric and How to hand bead. Do not be intimidated by this DIY  jean jacket, yes it does requires time (but time passes anyway  ; )  yet it is really simple to execute.

Let’s start!

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DIY veiled beanie with glitter

Last day of 7 days 7 hats

White knit cap embellished with a veil, faux fur pom pom and a glitter iron on patch

Time required 45 minutes

For this last DIY veiled beanie with glitter part of this hat transformation series, I wanted to transform a hat into something that would distinctively express winter. I’m a born and raised Quebecer and what spells winter in my heart is the colour white. My feelings for winter were formed during my early childhood when even the lightest snow fall brought pure joy. Although as an adult snow storms, traffic jams and shoveling my driveway are not enjoyable on working days, snow is still very special to me. There’s something about the way snowflakes muffle sounds and makes the environment calm and peaceful. On snowy days you can feel the ambient stillness from inside your house. Winter evenings can be visuals from fairy tale books. Walking outside hearing the snow and ice crackle under your boots with the fields sparkling like diamonds around you is pure bliss. Promenading on full moon nights ……. ethereal.

Picture by MICHAL JARMOLUK  cco licence on PEXELS.COM

For this DIY I will revamp a white hat, use white embellishments and will add some glitter to imitate the light reflecting on snow.

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DIY beanie with pearls

Day 6 of 7 days 7 hats

Black slouchy beanie embellished with pearls, velvet bow and a brooch

Time required 2 hours 30 minutes

For this sixth DIY beanie with pearls, I will refurbish an oversized slouchy beanie. The ornament you see below is the central element of this hat transformation.

DIY beanie with pearls

This bow was originally attached to the neckline edge of a T-shirt (1/2 of the brooch was outside of the Tee). The bow was too heavy for the thin fabric of the Tee and was sadly hanging pulling the neckline down with its weight. It didn’t look good and it’s the reason why the T-shirt was never worn and given to me!

I stored the T-shirt in my to-be-revived-corner, months later I gave the T-shirt a second look and I got a very nice surprise …

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DIY Embellished hat with appliqué

Day 5 of 7 days 7 hats

Navy blue stocking cap embellished with a vintage sequins embroidered appliqué

Time required 1 hour 30 minutes

For this fifth hat transformation, DIY Embellished hat with appliqué, I will revamp a navy blue stocking cap to pair with my jean day looks (which are numerous).

DIY Embellished hat with appliqué

To embellish the hat I will use this luxurious vintage sequin appliqué that was given to me decades ago. You know how it is, the first decade I refrained from using it because it was too beautiful to part with. The next decade I thought the sequin appliqué was always too dressy for any projects. And this last decade I could never find a garment where only one sequin appliqué could be the focus point.

Are you curious to see how I use this piece of memorabilia?

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DIY embellished winter hat with a brooch

Day 4 of 7 days 7 hats

Blue lagoon knit cap embellished with a brooch converted from a necklace

Time required 45 minutes

This scarf is the main reason why I embarked in this 7 Hats in 7 Days challenge.

Italian scarf purchased in Paris

I purchased this scarf in Paris 5 years ago. It’s a delicate geometrical patterned knit with a very fine cotton yarn. The scarf was expensive but I was convinced that it would become my “go to” accessory for many springs and falls to come. Except that the scarf is 103 inches long (262 cm) by 36 inches wide (94.11 cm) and after being wrapped three times around my neck …. even when made out of cotton, the scarf is way too warm to be worn between-seasons.

This scarf was in need of wearing hours and in need of a colour coordinated hat!

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DIY customized studded beanie

Day 3 of 7 days 7 hats

Charcoal seamed jersey beanie embellished with hand sewn spikes

Time required 1 hour 30minutes

The idea for this DIY customized studded beanie came by coincidence. One day I received a few packages of eBay goodies in the mail. One of the packages contained a seamed jersey beanie and another package contained some sew on plastic flat-back spikes. Even though I had purchased the spikes for another purpose, within a nano-second I changed my mind and decided to sew the spikes onto the beanie.

DIY customized studded beanie
Beanies by Nasty_Gal, Viverni and AliExpress

For inspiration I browsed the web and typed DIY customized studded beanie and hundreds of different options appeared. Many styles could be purchased (see the examples above) and many DIY’s variants were also available. In fact, once I finished sewing the spikes onto my beanie I found a seller who was offering a studded beanie identical to mine for only $14.99 ….

Oh! well. At least this hat transformation provided me with something to do while my hubby was watching football. (Are you also like that?  I mean, you like to be in the living room with company, but you have to keep yourself busy because you don’t like their choice of TV programs? LOL).

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DIY veiled beanie from mesh produce bag

Day 2 of 7 days 7 hats

Hot pink braided slouchy beret embellished with a veil

Time required 30 minutes

For this second DIY veiled beanie from mesh produce bag of this transformation series, I chose to do something with a hot pink beret that is a perfect colour match to my favorite snow boots. Yes, I own a pair of hot pink boots… having a boisterous time in winter is a hard job and I am up to it  ; )

I really liked constructing the veil for Day 1‘s first hat transformation and I wanted to try making another veil. When I failed to find any pink veil material at my local fabric store I came back home and started making lunch while thinking which goods around my house could be used to make a veil. It was then that I reached for a package of onions…. that were stored in some type of woven plastic mesh…. Han???? Could this work?

DIY veiled beanie from mesh produce bag

The woven plastic mesh wasn’t rigid and the good part of being made out of polypropylene meant that the veil would be ice rain and snow resistant, great winter appropriate properties.

Both the red and the yellow bag were nice contrasting colours for the beret. Except that they were both damaged and it meant going out again which I did not want to do. I then went hunting in my cupboards for a proper item that would be ready to use because I loved the idea of a creative upcycle fashion project …..  and I found something.

My veil will be made out of a recycled rice noodle package!

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DIY veiled beanie sequins faux-fur pom pom

Day 1 of 7 days 7 hats

Royal blue veiled beanie embellished with sequins and faux fur pom pom

Time required 1 hour 30 minutes

For this first DIY veiled beanie tutorial, I was inspired by Jill Sander’s hats presented during her Spring/Summer 2012 collection and by the hats from the house of Chanel presented during their Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

Jill Sander 2012 & Chanel 2015

This winter people have started to belatedly take to this very elegant trend and viewing all of those inspired adaptations on Etsy and Pinterest seduced me to try my own interpretation of a Couture veiled winter hat with this DIY veiled beanie tutorial.

Before we start, you could refer to my introductory post for a quick overview of the all the hats that will be revamped for this series and to read about my plan.

Let’s see what I can do with this beanie in a little under 2 hours of work…

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7 Days 7 Easy DIY beanie embellishments

Introduction to my hat transformation series

This is how I came up with this 7 Days 7 Easy DIY beanie embellishments challenge. Last month as I sadly packed away our summer and fall jackets from our entrance closet in exchange of our winter coats and other accessories, I came to realize that I  always end up wearing the same two dark coloured hats all winter long.

I concluded that this habit of mine was surely adding boredom to wintertime and decided to purchase colourful chapeau’s for those chilling months ahead. I also had another complication to solve; I have in my closet many winter scarves among other accessories that were not often worn.

My challenge is to keep every transformation simple and easy to execute, with minimal time but for playful attractive results.

Note: For all my 7 Days 7 Easy DIY beanie embellishments I worked with this vintage glass head form purchased at a garage sale that is commonly used to store or display hats….

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Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

It is common for most fabrics to pill to some extent; even the finest materials are prone to have some surface pilling. It is often caused when two fabrics rub against each other causing the loose, short or broken fibers on the surface to become tangled together forming little balls. Some fibers are more pill-prone than others, but as a general rule shorter fibers have a higher tendency to pill and we can say that the longer a fiber is the less pilling will result.

In my humble opinion, pilling on clothes compromises appearance and makes the garment look worn. The other day I had a bad case of surface pilling on a brand new garment that I had purchased. My solution was to purchase a Fabric Lint Shaver… and did it perform?

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