Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

It is common for most fabrics to pill to some extent; even the finest materials are prone to have some surface pilling. It is often caused when two fabrics rub against each other causing the loose, short or broken fibers on the surface to become tangled together forming little balls. Some fibers are more pill-prone than others, but as a general rule shorter fibers have a higher tendency to pill and we can say that the longer a fiber is the less pilling will result.

In my humble opinion, pilling on clothes compromises appearance and makes the garment look worn. The other day I had a bad case of surface pilling on a brand new garment that I had purchased. My solution was to purchase a Fabric Lint Shaver… and did it perform?

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DIY Star shaped baby wrap blanket

DIY baby star wrap blanket by CardinalSewingNest

I always wanted to sew a baby star wrap blanket. I got the perfect occasion when one of our daughter -in- laws announced that she was pregnant. It will be the first grand child for both family sides; exciting times ahead! Lucky me, the mother-to-be thought that the blanket was a very cute idea.

See how I drafted my own star shaped blanket pattern and how I assembled it;

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Men’s shirt to off the shoulders blouse

Men's shirt to off the shoulders blouse

I made a similar men’s shirt refashion a few posts ago, but since my spouse commented that it would be a nice top for a pregnant woman (**!!?@!!?**). He then tried to explain that his comment was a from a business point of view. I guess I trust him… so you know that I had to transform another men’s shirt… and the shirt I am using for this refashion comes from his own closet. I get even like that  : )    ……….

Continue reading to see how I transformed his shirt into an off-the-shoulders blouse in about 3 hours.

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How to make a rock into a necklace

DIY Beach stone pendant and earrings set

How to make a rock into a necklace
DIY Beach stone pendant and earrings set

My hubby and I love walking on beaches looking for rocks,  sea shells or mermaid tears when we travel. We leave no stone unturned! I know, it really shows that we are tourists, but these treasures are really the best souvenirs!

When we went to the French Antilles Guadeloupe I found this interesting small white stone on the beach of  Saint-Francois. The rock had a natural hole through it and the hole was well located in the stone making it perfect to be part of some alluring handmade jewelry.

How to make a rock into a necklace

I made a very simple pendant and earrings set pairing the beach stone with some blue turquoise semi-precious stones, royal blue Swarovski crystals and antique satin finish glass beads. The pendant is the focal point and hangs on a round maille chain to give a nautical vibe to the set. I build the jewelry using black metallic split rings, eye-pins, headpins and earring wires for a little a contrast. I like the summer feel of the ensemble. Do you?

View my custom postcards from Guadeloupe…..

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Men’s shirt into women top

My plan for Men’s shirt transformation

men's shirt refashion before with the plan

I wanted to refashion a men’s shirt into an off-the-shoulders blouse, but with some type of sewn in faux-tank-top that would cover the bra straps. Another goal was to use most of the shirt by including different parts of the shirt in the blouse design. I drew a quick sketch to help me plan how I would cut the shirt.

See how I transformed this men’s shirt into a cute summer top in about 4 hours.

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How to patch jeans with fabric

How to patch jeans with fabric

I made these unique decorative patches with minimal material and in a very short time. This cross stitched pattern is a basic running stitch where we simply carry the thread at the back of our work to move to the next section. This fun and easy project is ideal for beginners.

Keep on reading to learn how to do this cross stitch and to see the final result!

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DIY Sewing velvet curtains

Made to measure velvet curtains

DIY sewing velvet curtains

I made these curtains for my nephew’s bedroom.

It was easy since he knew exactly what style of curtains he wanted; floor length with the curtains drawings in different directions leaving easy access to his alcove during the day.

Once he decided what he wanted, it then became a family affair. My sister-in-law purchased the supplies, my brother installed the curtain tracks, with me the sewer taking all the glory!

Keep reading to know how I custom made my nephew’s curtains.

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Before and after blazer refashion inspired by Burberry

Blazer refashioned with zipper insertions

Before after blazer refashion

Found this very nice faux leather blazer at my favorite second hand store for $7.00. It looked as if it had never been worn and I liked the black on black zebra print. The blazer fit nicely and didn’t need any adjustments.

Let’s see what I can do with it. I have an idea that can be completed in about 2 hours.

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DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf crochet leaves

DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf

DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf by

We use to call it corking, or French knitting (in French a spool loom is called “tricotin“) what use to be a way to teach children how to knit has now become a trendy way for people of all ages to make cool stuff. From easy items like this scarf above made from the cord knitted with a spool loom, called I-cord, to eternity scarves knitted on round looms and afghans knitted on rake looms, the Web abounds with tutorials on how to knit just about anything in fancy and intricate stitches.

I was first  attracted by spool knitting when I saw this image on Pinterest…

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