Paris door knockers photo montage

Post card from Paris

Color of Parisian doors

I went to Paris the first time for my 50 ieth birthday. I could talk for hours about this beautiful city and its neighborhoods. I was fascinated by the craftsmanship of the door knockers. Ah! the color of Parisian doors. Here’s a Photoshop collage (Post card/ travel art) of my favorite door knockers hope you enjoy them too!

À la prochaine!

DIY handmade bag from old jeans

How to refashion old jeans into a stylish handbag

DIY handmade bag from old jeans

This DIY handmade bag from old jeans refashion is a step by step tutorial that demonstrate how to upcycle old jeans into a stylish handbag, sew boxed corners,  add a rigid bottom insert, a simple closure and create a funky look with some hand sewn adornments. The transformation can take between 6 to 8 hours to complete but just break it down into 4 – 5 phases. You can do it!

Keep reading to learn how I used the animal print top to line the purse, make a key chain and a zippered compartment.

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Welcome to my very first blog post!

Aspiring Photography by Carole Cardinal


Cardinal Sewing Nest very first blog post

Why am I starting a sewing and DIY blog of my own?

After all we are now reading articles stating that the Millennial’s cannot sew and have stopped practicing this ancient skill (?!!). I also read that people are now born into houses that do not have a sewing machine for the past two generations. A phenomenon that I have also witnessed among my own family and friends. On the other hand, we are also reading encouraging articles saying that sewing is revived, that home sewing is a growing trend and that the crafts industry is enjoying a resurgence.

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