tshirt to infinity scarf

DIY not needing a sewing machine

Quick transformation with rewarding result, perfect for beginners.

Tshirt to infinity scarf

Found this tank top on a sales rack. It was two sizes too big for me, therefore the neckline was too low and too wide and the armholes were also too low and too big. But at $9.99 and in a pale nude colour matching one of my pair of shoes (call me miss matchy matchy) it was coming home!

The major fit problem was the neckline and I had an idea on how to fix that  …… well ….. my first idea turned out to be a major flop and a huge waste of time   > _ <    But I was able to salvage this refashion and even add a glamorous touch to this tshirt to infinity scarf DIY.

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Men’s shirt to off the shoulders blouse

Men's shirt to off the shoulders blouse

I made a similar men’s shirt refashion a few posts ago, but since my spouse commented that it would be a nice top for a pregnant woman (**!!?@!!?**). He then tried to explain that his comment was a from a business point of view. I guess I trust him… so you know that I had to transform another men’s shirt… and the shirt I am using for this refashion comes from his own closet. I get even like that  : )    ……….

Continue reading to see how I transformed his shirt into an off-the-shoulders blouse in about 3 hours.

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Men’s shirt into women top

My plan for Men’s shirt transformation

men's shirt refashion before with the plan

I wanted to refashion a men’s shirt into an off-the-shoulders blouse, but with some type of sewn in faux-tank-top that would cover the bra straps. Another goal was to use most of the shirt by including different parts of the shirt in the blouse design. I drew a quick sketch to help me plan how I would cut the shirt.

See how I transformed this men’s shirt into a cute summer top in about 4 hours.

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Blazer refashioned with zippers insertions

From thrift to couture

Blazer refashioned with zippers insertions
From thrift to couture

For this Blazer refashion with zippers insertions I will use this very nice faux leather blazer found at my favorite second hand store for $7.00. It looked as if it had never been worn and I liked the black on black zebra print. The blazer had a nice fit and didn’t need any adjustments. I thought that it was a perfect garment for a before and after blazer refashion.

Let’s see what I can do with this blazer. I have an idea that can be completed this blazer refashion inspired by Burberry in about 2 hours.

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Quilts made from loved ones clothing

Memory quilt from my father-in-law’s clothes

Quilts made from loved ones clothing

When my father-in-law passed, my  spouse couldn’t let go of his father’s clothes, so we decided to bring them to our house.  At first I thought to keep all of the buttons to use them later on for a jewelry or a collage project. Then I had this idea of making a memory quilt. I had never made a quilt. Thanks to the internet, within a few hours a knew how to construct one.

I drew a few ideas, and we chose the design in which the quilt would be constructed around a square of my father in law’s  Scottish clan tartan placed in the center. I ordered their coat of arms embroidered applique from Scotland, and I went about making it.

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DIY handmade bags from old jeans

How to refashion old jeans into a stylish handbag

Refashion jeans into a purse www.CardinalSewingNest.com

This is a DIY  tutorial on how to upcycle an old pair of jeans into a handbag, with some hand sewn adornments to give it a funky look. This is an easy step by step refashion, the transformation include many steps and can take between 6 to 8 hours to complete.

Keep reading to learn how I used the animal print top in this refashion.

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