Coudre un sac doublé avec fermeture éclair

Patron de couture Butterick B6188

Zippered lined tote bag
Le tote bag l’accessoire dont on ne peut se passer

Un sac fourre-tout spacieux est le sac le plus utile dans notre garde-robe. Dans cet article de blog, vous trouverez des notes et des recommandations sur la manière de coudre un sac fourre-tout doublé avec une fermeture éclair, ainsi que des idées simples et rapides pour le personnaliser. J’ai rédigé une critique complète du patron Butterick B6188, y compris des images détaillées et mes instructions personnelles pour remédier aux problèmes que j’ai notés dans le patron. Vous trouverez  également 10 astuces pour gérer les épaisseurs.

Je suis très fière d’avoir l’opportunité d’écrire et de partager cet article pour ce sac sur le blog de Fabricville.

On s’y met!

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Sew a zippered, lined tote bag

Butterick sewing pattern B6188

Sew a zippered, lined tote bag
Carryall bag

A roomy tote bag is the most useful bag in our wardrobe. In this blog post you will find notes and recommendations on how to sew a zippered, lined tote bag along with quick and simple ideas to customize the bag. I have written a complete review of the Butterick pattern B6188 including detailed images and my personal instructions to address glitches I noted in the pattern. You will also find 10 tips for dealing with heavyweight fabrics.

I am very proud to have the opportunity to write and share this post on the Fabricville blog for this tote bag.

Let’s start!

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Nature printing

DIY fish printing 

Nature printing DIY fish printing
Keepsake print of my fish

Lets start by saying that I am a romantic for you to understand the origin of this post idea. We had a very special fish for 8 years and the day she passed I had this sudden impulse to make a nature printing of her as a keepsake. I had recently read a book about the Japanese art of fish printing on fabric “Gyotaku” and this was the perfect occasion to try. I sewed a simple reversible shopping bag with Simplicity Pattern 1750 and decorated the bag with fabric appliqués made from the fish printings.

DIY how to embellish clothes with nail art supplies


I did another fabric coloring technique using nail art supplies to embellish a denim jacket. If you are interested in learning the technique  DIY Grommet jean jacket   



Let’s start by a brief story of “Sparky” our beloved blood parrot fish.

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How to embellish a vintage sweater

Trash to Couture

How to embellish a vintage sweater
How to embellish a vintage sweater

This refashion is a real Trash to Couture adventure. In this post “How to embellish a vintage sweater” I will demonstrate how to embellish a sweater with lace, how to bead lace, how to use a blanket binding to make a satin ruffled neckline and how to use decorative lace zippers to modify the sweater shape. The techniques that follow can apply and be used to modify any garment.

Let me tell you about this sweater hand knitted over 35 years ago.

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Handmade Christmas stocking

My Christmas ornaments tell a story

Handmade Christmas stocking
I drafted the Christmas stocking pattern

It’s this time of the year when I take out the Christmas decorations and ornate our house for the festivities ahead. Oh! How I love to unpack my beloved ornaments. I remember where and when I purchased most of them. (Laughter) my hubby cannot bear to hear one more time my l0000ng story of how I got my expensive mouth blown glass heart at Eaton’s downtown store. Literally, a few hours before the company closed their doors for good in October 1999. But if you permit I will share with you the story of how I came about making the pattern and sewing this elegant handmade Christmas stocking.

Note: This post is not a tutorial. Leave me a note in the comment box below if you would like me to do a Christmas stocking DIY post.

Now about this handmade Christmas stocking……

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Use your jeans to update your denim jacket

Creative way to DIY a denim jacket

Use your jeans to update your denim jacket
Refashioned denim jacket

A strong wardrobe foundation definitely includes a denim jacket. Make yours extra special with this tutorial. We see many denim garment mashups on the web and I wanted to explore a creative way to DIY a denim jacket with a pair of jeans with a contrasting color. I wanted to demonstrate how to use your jeans to update your denim jacket and how to make a denim flower brooch with the left over fabric. I also made quilt knots on buttons to embellish this denim jacket.

This is my second refashion using denim. If you are curious to see my first one DIY handmade bag from old jeans

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How to make a scarf from a sweater

How to decorate clothes with metal rings

How to make a scarf from a sweater
From sweater to infinity scarf DIY

For this refashion I am happy to show you a few things; how to make a scarf from a sweater, how to decorate clothes with metal rings. And to follow the current piercing-inspired clothing trend I will demonstrate the best way to make jump rings and how to open and close jump rings (yes, it is a must to know). This will save you money and allow you to make jump rings in the material and at the size that you need.

I have previously made another scarf from a garment, if you wish to see it T-shirt to infinity scarf

Let’s start with this one!

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DIY regular scarf to infinity scarf

DIY pom pom scarf

DIY regular scarf to infinity scarf
How to make an infinity scarf from a regular scarf

I hear what you are thinking. “How can this be a DIY regular scarf to infinity scarf tutorial when we see an infinity scarf in the before picture?”. Well, I left the scarf in it’s original version for the before picture to offer an additional refashion option. Once the neck seam is removed the infinity scarf will have the shape of a regular scarf and will be suitable for this trendy DIY pom pom scarf. I also encounter a little problem and it gave me the opportunity to also feature how to hand sew a scarf.

Follow along to learn how to make this scarf makeover.

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Wedding dress into baby gown

 Wedding dress to christening dress

Wedding dress into baby gown
Wedding dress into baby gown

I love sewing garments from scratch but I must admit that refashioning clothes is what I like to do most. Therefore I was thrilled to be asked if I could do a wedding dress makeover for my daughter in-law’s first child. She wanted to have her daughter’s christening dress made from her mom’s old wedding dress. Such an exciting and romantic project and a true refashion pleasure for a sewist. In this wedding dress to christening dress tutorial I will demonstrate how I made some basic pattern alterations to an infant commercial pattern (McCall’s M7307). And explain how I designed and added details for this little girl first custom dress.

Let’s start this wedding dress into baby gown tutorial!

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DIY decorated summer hat

How to personalize your summer hat

Decorated summer hat
Decorated summer hat

Is it still summer? Yes! Then their is still time to post another DIY hat transformation. This time I wanted to challenge myself and see what result I could achieve with a very basic hat purchased for $1.00. I used ocean mementos and upcycled jewelry to decorate and create a very special mount for this DIY decorated summer hat tutorial. This is a simple 2 hour project that I hope will inspire you to make your own.

Let’s begin this tutorial on how to personalize your summer hat!

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