Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

It is common for most fabrics to pill to some extent; even the finest materials are prone to have some surface pilling. It is often caused when two fabrics rub against each other causing the loose, short or broken fibers on the surface to become tangled together forming little balls. Some fibers are more pill-prone than others, but as a general rule shorter fibers have a higher tendency to pill and we can say that the longer a fiber is the less pilling will result.

In my humble opinion, pilling on clothes compromises appearance and makes the garment look worn. The other day I had a bad case of surface pilling on a brand new garment that I had purchased. My solution was to purchase a Fabric Lint Shaver… and did it perform?

Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

Here is the situation; I got a nice zipped hoodie as a gift for my hubby. As soon as I arrived home I tossed it in the wash (new clothes are very dirty) and then in the dryer for a short 10 minutes with the intention to let the hoodie hang-dry afterwards (air-drying your clothes is the best way to keep them looking like new for a longer period). When I took the hoodie out of the dryer I screeched! I couldn’t believe the amount of pilling on the fabric surface. I had never seen anything like it. The total area of the hoodie, inside and out, was covered with high density contrasting lints. (The other dark pieces of clothing also included in the wash did not have any lints on them; the hoodie was truly the only guilty item). I mean, I do expect some surface pilling after normal wear and tear, but the hoodie was essentially unwearable after the first wash.

Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

In normal circumstances I would have returned the garment to the store because this was not acceptable. But…my hubby loved his new hoodie, so I decided to try to save it.

I bought this battery operated Jumbo Lint Shaver at my local art store. (I would like to mention that this post is not sponsored : )…).  I have seen the exact same tool in many stores, in a similar packaging but made by different brands. They were all going for about $20.00.

Battery operated Fabric Lint Shaver

Ah! And what a pleasant surprise. This is a fabulous tool! In about 60 minutes I had a brand new zipped hoodie that my hubby could wear. The shaver’s handle made it easy to use and it didn’t thin the fabric surface or damage the fabric in any way. It simply gently pulled and removed the lint and fuzz balls restoring the fabric surface as new… Sheer magic!

Below Before and After picture

The garment Before and After the use a fabric lint shaver
The garment Before and After the use a fabric lint shaver

The above picture should be proof enough to convince you that you absolutely need to buy one of these gizmos. They are totally worth it! Plan on watching a movie ….it’s a long process.

Note 1: I would like to mention that the set of batteries that came with the Fabric Lint Shaver barely lasted three minutes. But with a set of higher quality size C batteries the shaver was still running when both the inside and the outside of the hoodie lints were removed.

Note 2: This Lint Shaver model does not work well on long yarns.

Do not use this fabric lint shaveron long yarn

This Jumbo Lint Shaver pulled threads on my favorite bathrobe. I would recommend that you first try your Lint Shaver on the inside of your garment on some hidden area to make sure it won’t damage your garment. I have seen on the internet some fabric lint shavers with different fabric-height settings, which could be an interesting item to try if needed.

Note 3:  I would like to warn you to not use a disposable shaver to remove lints from your clothes. (Yes, even if you have read all over the web that it is safe to do so). Not saying that you might risk using the razor at an angle that will cut into your fabric, but a razor will not only shave the lints off, it will consequently skim and thin the fabric surface. In the short-term you will end up with holes in your clothes after the next wash or after a few wears.

My friendly advice, do not use a disposable shaver to remove lint from your clothes;

Next time you are invited for a supper at friends give a Fabric Lint Shaver as an hostess gift! Be prepared to give a little demonstration …. You will be the talk of the evening! (My daughter in law loved this hostess gift).

Au revoir!

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