Posting of 14 bespoke jewelry creations

To celebrate Valentine’s day!


I am very excited to announce that you can now view my blog posts on my new Pinterest board named Cardinal Sewing Nest.

When you’ll visit my Pinterest account Cardinal Sewing Nest take the time to browse my boards all related to handmade crafts. I hope that they will inspire you to create your own art work.

Below you will see my 14 bespoke jewelry creations ……

Bespoke jewelry creations

Bespoke earrings necklace set Aztec pendant and vintage fused beads

A friend gave me a bag of old and broken jewelry. I was immediately drawn to this Aztec metal pendant. I paired it with a vintage fused glass bead that I found in my own stash of damaged jewelry. The orange, red, black and old gold within the bead were the base colors I repeated in the necklace.

Earrings and necklace set from vintage lamp worked beads

I purchased a necklace made of lamp worked beads in a church basement sale ages ago. The  ocher yellow color and flatten shape of the beads really made them look pretty grisly. But I appreciated the end-of-the-day feel of the beads and the 0.25 cents necklace’s price tag (all the other jewelry were priced $10.00 and up, I guess that this necklace had seen a few jumble sales). One day I took up the challenge to pair the beads with elements that would give them a modern look in hoping that ugly could be turned into chic. What do you think, did I succeed?

Bespoke brown, blue, grey freshwater pearls earrings necklace set

I was trying to design a necklace using these side drilled Biwa fresh water pearls (their odd shape was hard to incorporate into a piece). I decided to opt for a simple plastron effect and to play with contrasting colored pearls (light blue, light brown and a dark greenish blue) to create a casual contemporary look.

Bespoke earrings to match collar necklace

I needed some earrings to pair with this necklace purchased on eBay, and I found these long spike acrylic beads at my local arts and crafts store, they were a perfect match! Well it was a string of  32 beads of 8 different colors ….. Oh! well, in my jewelry stash they are going to rest!

Bespoke earrings to match mother of pearl button necklace

My sister gave me this very pretty necklace with mother of pearl buttons slipped on raffia ribbons. I made simple earrings with hearts and buttons also made in mother of pearls and added a semi-precious stone to complete the color combination and to pair with the raffia rustic accent .

Bespoke earrings to pair conch sea shell necklace

Another necklace from the sales rack was in need of matching earrings. I found these square beads in my jewelry supply. I thought that the color match was so ideal that the bead shapes did not need to be round like the ones on the necklace. What is your opinion?

Bespoke bird pendant earrings to match mother of pearl necklace

Mother of pearl chips with bird charms for earrings to pair with this necklace sold by it’s lonesome self. This set really looks like summer …. I somehow cannot wear mother of pearl jewelry in winter. Is that weird? How about you, any stones that you keep for summers only?

Bespoke Tigers eye gemstone, wood and freshwater pearls earrings and necklace set

It started by the need for some brown accessories to wear with a new outfit. I searched through my jewelry supply boxes and found these tiger eye stone pendants. Because tiger eyes are considered to be masculine stones, I chose to add white pearls for a feminine touch and I also included some wooden beads to dress down the look and make the set more casual. I wore the necklace and earrings set to work and a coworker gave me a vintage bracelet from the 1950s in pristine condition, with tiger eye cabochons to wear with my set 🙂

Buttercup shell pendant earrings and necklace set

I found this buttercup sea shell on a beach in Guadeloupe. I loved it’s grey color and the shell had a natural hole through it making it perfect to be used for jewelry. I placed the buttercup in the center off a round loop (also made in mother of pearl) and added some Swarovski crystals for a touch of glitz. And made shoulder dusters earrings with the same blue lagoon crystals to complete the set.

For a previous post I made a necklace with a beach stone  coming from the same beach.

Handmade by Carole Cardinal

I purchased these earrings from one of the Saoya’s jewelry boutiques in Paris (I also loved the matching necklace but it was a tiny bit too pricey for me). It was difficult to make a matching necklace to pair the earring circular center ornament. I therefore decided to design an  unconventional necklace repeating the vibrant colors found in the earrings. (earrings are at the bottom right of the above picture).

Colorful and funky handmade earrings and necklace set

After having designed the necklace to match the Saoya’s earrings, I was still in an eccentric mood and I wanted to explore asymmetry with colors that we usually don’t pair together. And I made the funky necklace and earrings set you see above. The crown pendant came from my stash of old jewelry…

Favorite plastic earrings of the 80s

…. these were my absolute favorite plastic earrings of the 80s. I loved them so much that I couldn’t throw them away when one of the jump ring holding the fake pearl broke. Now every time I wear this set people compliment me on my “Juicy Couture” necklace (Juicy Couture was founded in 1997). Who’s ahead of her time?! LOL

Earrings and bracelet set. Periwinkle it gives me wings

Is your favorite color a color you cannot wear with your skin complexion? Well that is what the color periwinkle is to me. Ah! but we were in summer and I was seeing the lovely chicory purple wild flowers by the side of the road …. I had to make some jewelry with periwinkle beads. First I decided to include the wing charms to take the attention away from the beads. For the earrings I only added two small periwinkle beads, this way the color would not be too prominent close to my face. And for the same reason I made a bracelet instead of a necklace. The set looks great with a white T-shirt and blue jeans and the wings are a fun and trendy details.

Natural leather earrings to match glass bead & leather necklace

Same old, same old. Another necklace that was given to me because a friend of mine could never find earrings to pair with it. Once I made the earrings I offered to give her back the complete necklace and earrings set, but she was no longer interested in it ….. Lucky me!

Bespoke earrings to match glass and wood and glass beads necklace

I got the necklace at a boutique because it was matching the new blouse that I was preparing to buy. The store wasn’t selling the matching earrings (please explain to me why they are doing that?!). I made the pair of earrings in15 minutes, the longest part was to look through my supplies!  Now that blouse is no longer in style and I haven’t worn the necklace and earrings set in years ….. Does that happen to you? Do you keep your jewelry that no longer match any garments in your wardrobe?


I hope that you enjoyed my artistry  ; )

Tuttu fruttis by the lake photograph by Carole Cardinal

Joyeuse Saint Valentin!

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