DIY how to embellish a sweater

How to embellish a sweater with vintage pearl appliqués and pearling details

DIY how to embellish a sweater

I needed to have a project to work on while we were spending the weekend at our in-law’s in Toronto. I searched through my clothes and though that this sweater could be improved with some detailing and was perfect for a DIY how to embellish a sweater project.

I have an idea, it will be a quick project to complete, with a rewarding result.

DIY how to embellish a sweater

I like to alternate long and complicated projects with short, easy ones.  It keeps the motivation level going. And I could use these three vintage rosettes appliqués that had been  hidden for half a century in my adornments supply stash. Ya, I am a bit of a sewing supplies hoarder  :   (

DIY how to embellish a sweater

First step; I glued the appliqués around the collar on the sweater with washable fabric glue when we arrived at the hotel Friday evening.

VItage rosette pearl appliqué close-up

The following day the glue was dry, and I took the sweater with me to hand sew the rosettes in place while watching TV and engaging in light conversation with my mother-in-law who was knitting.  A perfect evening!

On Sunday morning I started to sew the satin finished beads on the front bodice. I decided to sew two faux pearls per flower center. After all I wanted to finish the project in one weekend. I finished the project in the afternoon while driving back to Montreal.

And voila! ready to wear to work the next day!

How about you? Do you like to bring some projects to work on and keep you busy when you travel?

À la prochaine!

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