DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf crochet leaves

DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf

DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf by

We use to call it corking, or French knitting (in French a spool loom is called “tricotin“) what use to be a way to teach children how to knit has now become a trendy way for people of all ages to make cool stuff. From easy items like this scarf above made from the cord knitted with a spool loom, called I-cord, to eternity scarves knitted on round looms and afghans knitted on rake looms, the Web abounds with tutorials on how to knit just about anything in fancy and intricate stitches.

I was first  attracted by spool knitting when I saw this image on Pinterest…

DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf

Above is the image I found on Pinterest. When I visited the website of this crafty woman from France, I learned that she had also found that image on the internet.  I therefore do not know who originally knitted this scarf and I cannot properly give credit to the person who had this ingenious idea of adding crochet leaves to the scarf, such an appropriate thought with this shade of green.

You can see that on my version of the scarf, the leaves do not look as good as those of the original scarf. That is because I thought that my crochet leaves were too puffy and were sticking out oddly, so…  I ironed them flat… not a good decision. But, since I did not wear the scarf with an image of the original version attached to it, no one mentioned that my leaves were, oddly flat :  )

Green loom knitted scarf with crochet leaves

I have to say that even if this scarf  construction leaves some open spaces, it is a very warm scarf to wear. Especially since I chose 100% wool yarn. You might consider buying cotton yarn.

Spool loom size

Above is the spool loom that I used. Ah! it was so easy to knit with this well adapted tool!  When I was young I did corking with the classical empty wooden cotton reel with 4 nails hammered in (sorry to date myself here). The difficult part was to catch and loop the yarn over the nail with a wool needle, it was quite frustrating. I am so thrilled with this modernized adaptation. This shape is easy to hold and it came with a loom hook, yes, a loom hook!  The pegs now have slots, the hook fits right in there making it easy to drag the yarn over the peg! I do not know who master minded and engineered the features of these current spools…  but,  I wish you only green lights when you drive back home today, and I hope that you will find money on the ground this week. Thank you for making the knitting world  a better place.

Crochet leaves Leaves on loomed scarf

What about you? Have you used a ”tricotin” lately?

À la prochaine!

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