Handmade Christmas stocking

My Christmas ornaments tell a story

Handmade Christmas stocking
I drafted the Christmas stocking pattern

It’s this time of the year when I take out the Christmas decorations and ornate our house for the festivities ahead. Oh! How I love to unpack my beloved ornaments. I remember where and when I purchased most of them. (Laughter) my hubby cannot bear to hear one more time my l0000ng story of how I got my expensive mouth blown glass heart at Eaton’s downtown store. Literally, a few hours before the company closed their doors for good in October 1999. But if you permit I will share with you the story of how I came about making the pattern and sewing this elegant handmade Christmas stocking.

Note: This post is not a tutorial. Leave me a note in the comment box below if you would like me to do a Christmas stocking DIY post.

Now about this handmade Christmas stocking……

Handmade Christmas stocking story

Some two decades ago I was shopping with a friend looking for Christmas gifts and we entered a very posh boutique. My friend spotted and fell head over heels in love with one of their Christmas stockings on display. (In my opinion it really wasn’t that nice. The fabric was a grayish brown velvet with a simple cuff made in the same color). However the attraction came from the swirled tip of it’s boot. Those stockings would have looked perfect on The Grinch!

We took the stocking to the cash and got in line to pay for the item. This is when I saw the price tag….. it was retailing for $80!!! I pulled us out of the line and tried to convince my friend that it wasn’t worth that amount of money. I swore that I could make something similar for a fraction of the price ……

She took me to my word and made me promise to make her a similar Christmas stocking in the coming days. She was very firm, she wanted it done NOW! saying that if she didn’t like my handmade Christmas stocking, she needed to have enough time to come back and buy this $80 one before the boutique sold all of their stock.

Hum…… She was doubting that something custom made wouldn’t look as good as something commercially produced???!!!! The challenge was on!

The making of the Christmas stocking

To make the stocking I chose a fabric woven from linen and gold metallic threads. The linen was a yellowish beige bringing a classic vibe and the metallic threads gave a subtle discrete luster. I actually made two of these Christmas stockings (I kept one for myself, the one featured in this post). 

Best fabric for Christmas stocking
The color swatch shows the exact color of the fabric

I drafted a fancy detailed shape for the stocking cuff and I chose an old gold polyester fabric matching the color of the metallic thread.

how to make a Christmas stocking with a cuff
Embellished with hand sewn adornments

I hand sewed sequins on and around the cuff and added a gold metallic flower on the side of the scalloped shape for a unique and sophisticated look.

Christmas stocking pointed boot detail
Stocking suitable for The Grinch!

The stocking itself was a quick pattern to draft; the hardest part was to sew and stuff the swirling tip of the boot!

handmade personalized Christmas stockings
Finished with a row of red plastic pearls

I used a red mat polyester fabric for the lining and hand sewed a row of faux plastic pearls on a string around the cuff outer edge for a nice finish.

personalized Christmas stockings
I was lucky to find this tassel at a craft store

To complete the stocking I added a red tassel made of red metallic threads. The rows of gold plastic pearls are similar to the ones I sewed on the cuff edge.

Well this story ended well…. my friend was exceedingly happy when she received her Christmas stocking two days later. She enthusiastically admitted that my handmade version looked way better than the expensive posh boutique commercially produced version.

SCORE: Posh store 0 – Sewist 1

My Christmas ornaments tell a story
Nostalgic souvenir from Eaton’s store

Here is my precious Eaton’s heart showcased in our Christmas three and staged with a crown! (I’ll admit, my Christmas decorations style is pretty eclectic). Who  knows, next Christmas I might tell you the dramatic story of how I got to purchase my Eaton’s heart! (Editor’s note: run!!).

How about you, do you own some Christmas ornaments that make you feel nostalgic about the past?

Happy Holidays dear friends and a sincere thank you for passing by 🙂


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