How to make a rock into a necklace

DIY Beach stone pendant and earrings set

How to make a rock into a necklace
DIY Beach stone pendant and earrings set

My hubby and I love walking on beaches looking for rocks,  sea shells or mermaid tears when we travel. We leave no stone unturned! I know, it really shows that we are tourists, but these treasures are really the best souvenirs!

When we went to the French Antilles Guadeloupe I found this interesting small white stone on the beach of  Saint-Francois. The rock had a natural hole through it and the hole was well located in the stone making it perfect to be part of some alluring handmade jewelry.

How to make a rock into a necklace

I made a very simple pendant and earrings set pairing the beach stone with some blue turquoise semi-precious stones, royal blue Swarovski crystals and antique satin finish glass beads. The pendant is the focal point and hangs on a round maille chain to give a nautical vibe to the set. I build the jewelry using black metallic split rings, eye-pins, headpins and earring wires for a little a contrast. I like the summer feel of the ensemble. Do you?

View my custom postcards from Guadeloupe…..

Photomontage Guadeloupe
Postcard from Guadeloupe

Saint-Francois is a fishing harbor situated on the south-east point of the main island Grande Terre and is part of the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. It is a commune on this French overseas department. Perfect place for travelers who like beaches and water activities like snorkeling, catamaran excursions and scuba diving.

Photomontage Guadeloupe Antilles Francaises
Postcard from Guadeloupe Antilles Francaises

We stayed around the Marina of Saint-Francois located along a beautiful lagoon. In Guadeloupe the days are blazing hot but the evenings are beautiful and breezy. Perfect to cool off drinking a glass of  “Ti punch”, literally meaning small punch, a traditional alcoholic drink made with Guadeloupean rum, lime and cane syrup.

À la vôtre!

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