Blazer refashioned with zippers insertions

Thrift to couture inspired by Burberry

Blazer refashion with zippers insertions
Thrift to couture inspired by Burberry

For this Blazer refashioned with zippers insertions I will use this very nice faux leather blazer found at my favorite second hand store for $7.00. It looked as if it had never been worn and I liked the black on black zebra print.

Let’s see what I can do with this blazer. I have an idea that can be completed this blazer refashion inspired by Burberry in about 2 hours.

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DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf crochet leaves

DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf

DIY spool loom cord knitted scarf by

We use to call it corking, or French knitting (in French a spool loom is called “tricotin“) what use to be a way to teach children how to knit has now become a trendy way for people of all ages to make cool stuff. From easy items like this scarf above made from the cord knitted with a spool loom, called I-cord, to eternity scarves knitted on round looms and afghans knitted on rake looms, the Web abounds with tutorials on how to knit just about anything in fancy and intricate stitches.

I was first  attracted by spool knitting when I saw this image on Pinterest…

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Stained glass Geisha panel

Stained glass geisha panel

I made this stained glass panel about 8 years ago, I used Youghiogheny Stipple glass for the sunset, Youghiogheny Mottled glass for her hair, Youghiogheny Oceana glass for the frame.  These high quality glass render a fabulous 3D effect when illuminated with by the sun.

View the project prior to assembly.

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Simplicity sewing pattern 1660 top

Simplicity pattern 1660 misses top in yellow linen

Simplicity sewing pattern 1660 top

I  purchased this Simplicity sewing pattern 1660 top. Before cutting the pattern I started by studying the image on the pattern envelope. It is a very good indication of how the garment fits. More accurate when there is an image of the garment sewn then photographed on a live person.  At first glance this blouse model was loose fitting, formidable, no need to sew a mock-up (muslin). But I new that the neckline was too low for my taste.

See how I modified to pattern to raise the front neckline

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DIY how to embellish a sweater

How to embellish a sweater with vintage pearl appliqués and pearling details

DIY how to embellish a sweater

I needed to have a project to work on while we were spending the weekend at our in-law’s in Toronto. I searched through my clothes and though that this sweater could be improved with some detailing and was perfect for a DIY how to embellish a sweater project.

I have an idea, it will be a quick project to complete, with a rewarding result.

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I cannot resist a great sale… can you?

I cannot resist a great sale... can you?
OH! JOY! Three for one  bobbin threads sale!

The fabric store had a huge one day sale on threads, the big bobbins were three for the price of one. Okay, you understand that this kind of sale makes a sewist day, right?!

I had about 36 bobbins of threads in my carry-on basket (but who is counting?) and I was physically refraining myself from jumping up and down out of happiness when the lady in line after me said

“Uh! are you really sewing THAT much?!”………………………………………………..


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Quilts made from loved ones clothing

Memory quilt from my father-in-law’s clothes

Quilts made from loved ones clothing

When my father-in-law passed, my  spouse couldn’t let go of his father’s clothes, so we decided to bring them to our house.  At first I thought to keep all of the buttons to use them later on for a jewelry or a collage project. Then I had this idea of making a memory quilt. I had never made a quilt. Thanks to the internet, within a few hours a knew how to construct one.

I drew a few ideas, and we chose the design in which the quilt would be constructed around a square of my father in law’s  Scottish clan tartan placed in the center. I ordered their coat of arms embroidered applique from Scotland, and I went about making it.

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Fused glass necklace and earring sets

DIY necklace and earring set

Fused glass necklace and earring sets

I purchased this fused glass pendant from a stall selling local crafts in Oistins, Barbados, where tourists join in with locals at the Friday night Fish Fry and “lime” social gathering. I LOVE the colours and the bubbles in the glass.

I made the necklace and the earrings choosing beads matching the  exact colours  found in the fused pendant, and re-created an “Anthurium” flower found in Barbados,  to complete the feel of the Caribbean.

Ahh…. I want to go back to Barbados.

Lily of the valley bespoke earrings

Lily of the valley bespoke earrings by Carole Cardinal

I love spring flowers, especially lily of the valley’s fragrant tiny scalloped bells. I read that in the Language of flowers the Lily of the Valley flower means “the return of happiness”. And …Ah! do they ever bring happiness back for me! The elation to see greenery again after the sight of a colorless long winter. Spring flowers announce that spring is in full efflorescence, and when spring is in full gears it means that all is possible again.

This delicate flowers inspired me to craft this earring set that I will pair with a distinct Lily of the valley scent during this joyful energetic month of May.

What does spring make you feel like? Are you full of the joys of spring?

Ah! I cannot wait for the lilac trees to bloom.

How about you? Do you have a favorite spring flower?

Au revoir!

Color palette: The “Sugar craving” series

Chromotherapie_Chromotherapy photo by Carole Cardinal

One of my hobbies is taking pictures, I especially enjoy taking macros of flowers. One day I was having fun taking pictures of a bouquet I had received from a friend the day before. Then I had an idea to stage the flowers with candies in search of interesting color combinations and visual interest.  I went to the local grocery store, purchase LOTS of bags of goodies of all colours and shapes and for the next two days I took about one hundred pictures with different types of candies. Hum…  I should of weighed myself before and after those two days of shooting,

View the other colour palettes part of this photography series.

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