Stained glass Geisha panel

Stained glass geisha panel

I made this stained glass panel about 8 years ago, I used Youghiogheny Stipple glass for the sunset, Youghiogheny Mottled glass for her hair, Youghiogheny Oceana glass for the frame.  These high quality glass render a fabulous 3D effect when illuminated with by the sun.

View the project prior to assembly.

Geisha stained glass panel handmade by Carole Cardinal

In the above picture you see all of the pieces of glass cut, sanded, assembled and ready for the next step. Each glass piece will be neatly burnished with copper foil. So that you can solder around each piece and join them all together.

Then the pieces will be soldered, on both sides. Then washed soon after the soldering is done to remove the corrosive products from the glass and from your tools.

Then patina, then waxed… Same as for sewing, many many steps.

This exquisite beauty is hanging in our dining room window.

The Geisha is inside her “uchi”, her house, and she is looking out at the sunset.

It fills me with joy when I look at her.

Au revoir!

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